Home Button’s E3 Best of Show Awards

Home Button E3 Awards.jpg

Now that the dust has settled and I’ve had a chance to let all the hype of E3 week fade a bit, I feel ready to bring you my E3 best of show. After watching trailers over and over, debating the choices, and agonizing over all the fantastic games, I’m ready to declare the winners. Continue reading

Photo Mode

Photo Mode: All My Nope

How does it look like when a previously rage filled God tries to smile? Not good my friends, not good.


  • Title: All My Nope
  • Game: God of War
  • Captured On: PS4 (Standard w/ Photo Mode)
Photo Mode

Photo Mode: The Pirate Brothers Three

I know, it has been a while since I’ve posted a Photo Mode. I had pre-uploaded a ton of screenshots I’d taken over the years, which allowed me to do this daily originally. However, those have sense been all used up, and moving photos from my consoles can be a hassle, especially on PS4.

Nevertheless please enjoy this newest shot from Sea of Thieves, of me and my brothers after a triumphant finish of the Skull Thrones.


  • Title: The Pirate Brothers Three
  • Game: Sea of Thieves
  • Captured On: Xbox One (Original)