GamersUnitedGG Blogging Competition: Week 1 – Character Building


One of my fellow gamer sites I follow, GamersUnitedGG, is running a three week blogging competition to get the creative juices flowing. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m excited enough about the idea of creating a video game world that I’m going to give it my best shot. Click the jump for the lead protagonist of my game concept: Full Arsenal.

If you’d like to participate as well please click the Week 1 Writing Prompt link below and follow the rules stated there.

I’m going to do mine in a short dossier method with a quick story element giving you an idea of the character and his motivations. I’d love to have art to go alongside this for you, but alas I have no artistic ability.

Let me know what you think after the blurb below and be sure to visit GamersUnitedGG at the link above!

You can see my second week’s writing prompt here, where we delve deeper into the world of Full Arsenal and explore the villain of our game.

Week 1 Writing Prompt:

You’re designing a video game and the main character needs to be created. Describe your main character. What 3 power ups or abilities would you choose for the character and why?

Name: Jin Usagi

Callsign: Project “Masamune”

Birthplace: Redacted

Age: Redacted

Personality: Driven by honor, duty and loyalty. These traits can be used to manipulate him we believe, but provide risk due to notions of morality.

Known Abilities:

  • Ability to use vibro katana with unnerving precision and speed
  • Extensive Ninjitsu martial arts training.
  • Extremely adept at warfare, tactics, stealth, and infiltration.

Equipment: Vibro Katana, Pistol, Arsenal Suit *details of functionality below*

Like all other agents Project Masamune is equipped with a Arsenal power suit meant to enhance his specific skills and abilities. Masamune’s suit is loaded with inertial dampeners to quiet all movement and an optic camouflage that mirrors his surrounding, making him nearly invisible while still. His visor is equipped with the standard access afforded all of our suits to a suite of detection abilities to allow him to carry out his missions without backup or communications assistance. In addition he is equipped with standard issue neural uplink allowing him to control the suit with exacting specificity.

He has also been equipped internally with a chip located in the base of his neck that our scientists and engineers designed allowing him to access his adrenaline at all times, making him deadly even when not equipped with the Arsenal suit in order to aid in infiltration when the suit is not able to be worn.

Defining Features: Asian, short cropped black hair. Unassuming with no scars, tattoos or otherwise incriminating features. Arsenal suit is a dark gunmetal grey in appearance. Unlike other agents of his team he has refused to decorate the exterior.

Note:  We believe that Project Masamune has experienced a psychotic break due to the stresses of his newest mission during the assassination of REDACTED.

Project Masamune is well armed and extremely dangerous. He is currently AWOL with what we believe to be traitorous intent. We would like Masamune alive if possible, if only to recover our technology and the Arsenal suit. Otherwise, kill on sight has been authorized to field agents and the Full Arsenal team has been activated.


“Lies!” Jin exclaimed tossing the tablet containing his own dossier to the counter.

“The part about you being a well oiled killing machine?” the older female voice on the other end of the Skype call said with a twinge of a smile.

“No, that part is entirely true.” Jin said with a grin that soon faded.

“I’m referencing the lies they are spewing about me, painting me as an enemy to my team, my family.”

Jin paced the dingy floors of the abandoned warehouse he found himself in as he tried to figure out what move to make next. He had only ever known a life with the Arsenal team since he was four years old and the leadership there, along with his team, was the only family he’d ever had. Jin Usagi was a ghost: no family, no money, no identity.

No government would acknowledge him now and the ones that knew who he was would be out to kill him. The only tie he had left, the person he must solely rely on to help him break the lies and influences of Full Arsenal and save his team, was the older woman on the other end of the call.

A woman he had only met when he had been sent to assassinate her.

The one who had claimed to be his mother.

As if on cue the woman cleared her throat, sensing the desperation in his silence. “So what’s next? You can’t trust your team, they have a kill order on you, as will most of the government, but we can’t run around killing innocent police or military either. The normies think you are some sort of terrorist.”

Jin stopped pacing for a moment, stilling his mind and focusing, attempting to drive away the betrayal he felt, the emotions that clouded his mind. He had trained for this his whole life, studied it, mastered it, and would use those tactics to his advantage. The same institution that had made him into a weapon had in doing so crafted their own destruction.

“Where do we go from here, Jin?” the voice asked again.

With a command through his neural link his helmet telescoped out forming from the machinery in the neck of the suit and as it sealed to the suit the visor flared light blue for a moment, before the HUD opened up flooding with information.

“We go to war.”


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