GamersUnitedGG Blogging Competition: Week 2 – Villians


One of my fellow gamer sites I follow, GamersUnitedGG, is running a three week blogging competition to get the creative juices flowing. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m excited enough about the idea of creating a video game world that I’m going to give it my best shot. Click the jump for week two as we discuss the villains of Full Arsenal.

If you’d like to participate as well please click the Week 2 Writing Prompt link below and follow the rules stated there. You can check out my week 1 prompt exploring the main character here.

Without further ado, let’s get into exploring the baddies of the game, presented as a scattered blog post from a conspiracy theorist on the net.

Week 2 Writing Prompt:

A great video game would be nothing without a compelling villain, who is this villain and what is their goal?


What’s up out there in internet land my truthers? As you know here on Truth&Liberty we highlight the biggest cover ups and conspiracies of our history. Last week I took you deep undercover into the assassination of JFK, but today I’m here to tell you about a shadowy government project that has no checks and balances wielding absolute power. They go where they want, they leave who they want dead, and they don’t answer to anyone aside from the heads of their organization.

Their name? Full Arsenal.

Yes, I know that sounds like some sort of comic book or cheesy video game, but it is a real special ops force. See, back in late 2020 certain powerful countries and members of the United Nations were getting fed up that their hands were always tied. Corrupt dictators killing innocents, horrible wars carried out in the name of religion, slave trades, drugs; they could do nothing real about any of it. These people put together a state of the art facility, hired the most brilliant minds, and gathered the deepest pockets they could to fund their side project.

Full Arsenal would answer to nobody, except a group of individuals picked from every country and nation represented. These were supposed to be paragons of morality, put through extensive psychological evaluations to determine who they really were. Once that was in place they found that there were of course times when they couldn’t get their way through diplomacy, instead they needed to use force. They gathered military might hiring some of the best mercenary armies in the world, working full time for them, shrouded in secrecy. They started to make a difference, but it wasn’t enough.

It was a war of escalation and the enemies of F.A. started to win.

My sources say that war orphans and disenfranchised children the world over were gathered up according to specific parameters, and trained to be soldiers from childhood, some as young as four if you can believe it. Again, sounds like a bad sci fi plot, but they apparently outfitted this team with the best technology of our age, stuff way further along than standard military.

Then of course, as power does, it started to corrupt. When you have nobody telling you what to do, nobody to stop you from flexing your muscles, when does right and wrong start to blur a little? Ugly war crimes, terrible black ops, assassinations, war profiteering, you name it and Full Arsenal was at the center of it, all while pretending to be the good guys.

My latest chatter online and through some of my hacking jobs indicates that one of their super weapons broke free and is actually taking the fight to his old employers. Some of their remote bases have been hit and reports have come in of some super ninja dude fighting things like a giant tank man and a glowing lady with tentacles.

OK, ok, that last bit sounds nuts, but they are out there my friends and maybe, our shadowy super ninja will help take them down.

Until next time truthers.

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