12 Games that Deserve Modern Sequels

In the gaming world there are games that seem forgotten, wonderful IPs that may have resonated with some people left to rot in yesteryear. A lot of times there are real reasons these go the way of the dodo, but there is no harm in hoping right?

This is my list of 11 games I think deserve a modern sequel. Essentially if there had been no mention of the series since last gen, and it seems apparent it is gone forever, it has a chance to make this list. Previously in early 2017 for instance, Metroid Prime and Darksiders would have both made this list, but happily they are receiving modern sequels. Maybe my wishing powers will rub off here also.

In no particular order these are the games I’d love to see new sequels to.

Lost Odysseylost-odyssey-japan.jpg

Ok, so I said no particular order, but almost more than any game on this list I want a Lost Odyssey sequel. By the time the Xbox 360 came out I was a raging Xbox fanboy, but I was always starved in ways because I have always loved JRPGs, and they just weren’t represented on the system.

In a bid to increase their popularity in Japan, Microsoft signed the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi and his new studio Mistwalker, to make two exclusive JRPGs for the system. One of them was Blue Dragon, a fantastic if poorly paced game, that had a wonderful job system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Final Fantasy VI.

Blue Dragon itself probably could squeeze on to this list, but if I had my choice of the two, Lost Odyssey would be the one I would bring back. A lot of people decried Lost Odyssey as a Final Fantasy X rip off, and it did follow some of the things that made that game great. I absolutely adored the story though, I found Kaim to rise above his boy band haircut having, pretty boy stature and become such an interesting character.

Sure, we’ve seen people struggle with immortality in a lot of ways before, but never so in depth. Though reading was required, the penned stories of his life before the game brought a depth and sadness to the character that I fell in love with. Since he is immortal (or so it would seem) we could easily have a sequel with the character or at least in the same world.

Likelihood: Not great. Microsoft seems to have given up on the Japan market and Mistwalker is off making mobile games, seemingly happy away from the console space. If we were going to see this, you would have thought it would be by now, with Xbox’s apparent lack of big exclusives.

The_Precursor_Legacy_front_cover_(EU).pngJak & Daxter

With games like Uncharted and Last of Us coming out of the studio, there really isn’t a way I can be disappointed with the evolution of Naughty Dog. I can however lament the casualty of that evolution in Jak & Daxter.

I wasn’t huge into the PS2 because of a swap to Xbox a couple of years into the lifecycle, so admittedly I missed out alot of the games during that generation and didn’t get to play them until their collections on PlayStation 3. I was spoiled with wonderful games at that time; with game collections like Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter hitting back to back.

While Ratchet & Clank is my favorite of those three trilogies, and would have been on this list if a new game hadn’t been made, Jak & Daxter has to be my close second. Or maybe third, man I love me some Sly Cooper also. Either way the fact that we aren’t getting anymore of this series is just sad.

Likelihood: I think we have a real chance with this one. Ratchet & Clank sold better than anyone expected when it released and there has been a resurgence of high quality 3D platformers recently. In addition Sony recently brought the entire collection of games to the PS4. While Naughty Dog is clearly too busy to handle this, they could easily hand it off to a talented studio to make a fantastic sequel.

Golden SunTheBrokenSealBox.jpg

I love JRPGs, in fact, it is all I used to play growing up. Cutting my teeth on things like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo prepared me for an explosion of the golden age of JRPGs on the PlayStation. Published by Nintendo and developed by Camelot Software Planning, Golden Sun and it’s sequel were a throwback to the simpler RPG of the SNES, but one that I loved the art direction of and I felt had a lot of heart.

While the series may not hold up well against some of the biggest powerhouses of its genre, it has a special place in my heart. The GBA SP was not just my favorite handheld before the Switch, it was the best system I owned at the time. I absolutely adored the thing and carried it everywhere, and having a Nintendo guided original JRPG on it was enough to make me explode with joy.

Likelihood: Who knows? Seriously, with Nintendo they will pull back franchises from the brink of death all the time with new coats of paint, so it is entirely possible we might get Golden Sun again one of these days. With Camelot currently working on Mario Tennis Aces though, I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.

Crimson_Skies_High_Road_to_Revenge_BoxartCrimson Skies

Crimson Skies takes place in a fictional alternate history set in the 1930s in which the US has broken up into several nation states. Due to a number of geo-political situations this resulted in awesomeness, aka, air pirates. Enter Nathan Zachary, a veritable Nathan Drake of the skies. Who doesn’t want to play in a world with advanced airplanes, lovable roguish protagonists, a decidedly steampunk-ish theme, and huge flying zeppelins?

Before Xbox Live I almost always played solo games when I could and hadn’t really played much on PC at all. For some reason this specific game I went full force into, even making it onto the top ten leaderboards once. Something about the arcade like dog fights and the fantasy sheen to it all absolutely had me hooked, both in the multiplayer and the campaign, and I couldn’t imagine this fitting better in the Xbox lineup considering. I’m frankly baffled it hasn’t made its triumphant return already.

Likelihood: Maybe? Microsoft is strange with its past IPs, taking advantage of almost none of them to fill out its lackluster exclusives lineup of late. They recently made Crimson Skies backwards compatible to the Xbox One and Phil Spencer has stated multiple times that he knows fans want a sequel. This one seems like an easy win for the big X given where they are sitting, but with Microsoft’s past treatment of IPs, it is anyone’s guess.

Kingdoms of AmalurKingdoms-of-Amalur-Reckoning-ps3-box-art.jpg

Oh how my eyes sparkled back in 2012 when I got a hold of this game. You couldn’t have made a game more tailor made for me. It was written by one of my favorite authors, R.A. Salvatore, with art direction by Todd McFarlane, was fantasy based, AND was big on customizing your own character.

I fell absolutely head over heels in love with the game that was basically the baby of Fable and Skyrim, mixed with a heavy dose of Forgotten Realms style over-the-top fantasy. The combat was cool at the time, the story was meaty, and loot was scattered everywhere on the map. Usually I find in a group of people, I’m the only one who remembers this game, but it was one of the best times I had on the 360 and it’s a shame we won’t see it again.

Likelihood: None. 38 Studios went bankrupt after not being able to pay back loans which left the IP in the hands of Rhode Island tax payers. Come on Rhode Island, team up with some awesome developer and hook us up already.


As you can read here, Fable was the reason I originally got an Xbox. I absolutely loved the series, all three of them, and have played every spin off they have from gambling games to Xbox One card games. Of all the series on this list, this one has probably gotten the most love, but we haven’t seen a proper sequel to Fable in a good long while.

I played the Fable Legends beta substantially, and while it wasn’t the Fable I wanted, it had enough of that charm and humor that I was a little devastated when it was cancelled. The idea of a new Fable, using that art style and updated graphic fidelity, with updated design philosophies, playable on my Xbox One? Be still my beating heart.

Likelihood: Very good actually, which I couldn’t be happier to know. Months ago I would say there was no chance of seeing a proper Fable sequel, after all Microsoft had axed Fable Legends and shuttered Lionhead Studios. Now though, we have fresh rumors from apparently reliable sources of a true sequel in the works from Playground Games. Only time will tell, but I think we might finally be getting the Fable sequel we all want.

Splinter CellChaos_theory

There weren’t many exclusives that Xbox owners could brag about back on the original Xbox, but Splinter Cell was certainly one of them. I’d never played a game like this before, with it’s ultra cool spy technology and stealth mechanics. I was absolutely in love with this series back on the original Xbox and followed it into the 360 era, where it seemingly stumbled and ended with the game Blacklist; a game I never got around to playing because I’d heard it was simply mediocre.

A new Splinter Cell with the quality of the old ones and the best multiplayer mode I’ve ever played, Spies vs Mercs, could ignite the franchise all over. The stage is set for it, the timing seems fantastic, and the only question is: why hasn’t it happened yet?

Likelihood: Not great. Previous rumors of the much loved franchise returning have failed to bear fruit in the last four years and the film adaptation sputtered and died. Apparently spurred by lackluster sales figures for Blacklist, this is a sad turn of events, as alongside Assassin’s Creed the series used to be considered one of the most profitable for Ubisoft.

Adventrisingbox.jpgAdvent Rising

Yes, Advent Rising was a buggy mess at times, but the sheer scope and magnitude of what the studio was trying to pull off during the original Xbox era was nothing short of staggering. Planned across a trilogy of games in which your choices would carry dire consequences for the galaxy, this sort of choice pre-dated Mass Effect and was extremely promising.

The story itself was very cool and penned by Orson Scott Card himself, an author of many great sci-fi novels. It followed a human named Gideon Wyeth as he develops bad ass psychic abilities that he unleashes upon aliens as he seeks to save the human race. For its time it had dynamic combat, really well done voice acting, and your choices really changed parts of the story entirely; up to and including your last boss fight. Since it was planned to be a trilogy it ended on a tortuously huge cliffhanger, right after your protagonist came into his newest powers.

Likelihood: None. Unfortunately due to a botched campaign promising a million dollars to a winner that never materialized and an enormous marketing budget that wasn’t recouped, the game ultimately failed and the publisher Majesco Entertainment hasn’t made a game of note since 2009 with Bloodrayne. The company has recently announced in November of 2017 they would start publishing games again, but I doubt we will ever see another one, as the developer GlyphX died with Advent Rising.

Advance_Wars_Coverart.jpgAdvance Wars

Previous to E3 of last year if you asked me the one Nintendo franchise I wanted to see make a come back on current gen consoles, the answer would have been Metroid Prime. Since that has been announced the very next answer is Advance Wars.

The last time we saw an iteration of this game was back on the original DS and we haven’t seen one since. This is largely because of the huge success that Fire Emblem has found, the same company being responsible for both. With many feeling like the strategy itch is being scratched, they’ve moved on and left the title behind.

However, Advance Wars and Fire Emblem have a vastly different feel to them. One is based on characters and one on one combat, while the other is around unit building and capturing strategic points. Both could be successful within the environment, but Advance Wars has been left by the wayside unfortunately, which is a bummer considering how much I truly loved the series.

Likelihood: Apparently not very good, though again it is hard to tell with Nintendo. The Fire Emblem Echoles Shadow of Valentia Producer, Hitoshi Yamagami, recently told Eurogamer that creating relationships between its characters is harder than it is with Fire Emblem. One might interpret that as the rabid fan base who loved the characters and romances of Awakening wouldn’t find that same love with random tanks and army guys, and hence less sales. Looks like it is all Fire Emblem in the future of Nintendo fans.

Brave Fencer MusashiBrave_Fencer_Musashi.jpg

The original PlayStation was paradise for anime watching, JRPG loving geeks like myself, and games like Brave Fencer Musashi were a product of those times.

An action RPG starring a spunky blue-haired youth, the cover alone immediately sold me. The protagonist carried two swords, Fusion and Lumina, and each carried with it specific powers. Fusion, which looked like a katana, could be used to carry out powerful combos and store magic energy, while Lumina could be imbued with elemental powers from the scrolls that were Musashi’s main objective. It was a neat system, and the character leveled up as he went along, gaining new abilities.

The game had a day and night cycle, cool combat mechanics, was irrevent and funny, and you could even collect action figures. What isn’t to love? A sequel was made on the PS2, but in an effort to make it more mature and accessible they dropped a lot of the charm and humor that made the first a success for me; in the process making the pint sized blue haired Musashi into a teenager that looks like a reject from Kingdom Hearts.

Likelihood: Unlikely, but possible. With Square Enix digging into their background of classic titles it is possible, however unlikely, that they could bring back Musashi. I could imagine it doing gangbusters on the PS4 and Switch.

Paper_Mario_The_Thousand_Year_Door_(NA).pngPaper Mario

No, I’m not counting the disaster of Sticker Star or the less disappointing iteration in the Wii U era. Though the newest Paper Mario on Wii U was fun and charming enough, we haven’t had a proper Paper Mario RPG since the absolutely amazing Thousand Year Door.

I want a full fledged sequel with quirky and likable party characters like the amazing Admiral Bobbery. I can’t understand why Nintendo has parted from this style of gameplay: Sticker Star was a disaster for the most part critically and while Color Splash was better it still had it’s own set of problem, not the least of which was a sometimes boring combat system.

It is high time for another great Paper Mario RPG, and since I’m not getting one of the Square Enix variety any time soon, I’ll settle for another masterpiece like Thousand Year Door.

Likelihood: 50/50 shot here. Nintendo, as stated previously in this article, is extremely difficult to read at times. If I had to lean, I’d lean more towards no, as they already have the Mario Brothers RPGs that were popular on the DS and 3DS, and they’ve clearly tried to take steps away from the standard RPG conventions with the Paper Mario games.


I will argue this game’s merits to absolutely any who will listen, and for good reason. This launch game from Rare filled a bold and colorful world that seemed inspired by Pixar with lively and interesting cartoon characters. Breathing life into it was a gameplay mechanic that was quite cool, the protagonist’s ability to transform into a wide variety of creatures with interesting powers.

While the stories merits could be argued, so could a lot of games from that era, and for a launch title I was absolutely smitten by it. I think it is the closest we have ever gotten to playing a Nintendo game on an Xbox platform and I would desperately like to see the cancelled sequel come to light someday.

Likelihood: Unfortunately almost no chance. You can see what the game could have become in the behind the scenes of the cancelled sequel on Rare Replay, but that is likely the only taste we will ever get of it. Rare is cranking away now on Sea of Thieves and I don’t anticipate that ending anytime soon.


So there you have it, 11 games that I think need another go on modern era consoles. I could easily turn this wishlist into 50 games I’d like to see, even though most of these are nothing more than pipe dreams.

How about you? Got any beloved franchises you’d like to see come back? Let us know in the comments below.





4 thoughts on “12 Games that Deserve Modern Sequels

  1. Nice list! I’d love to see a modern take on Jak & Daxter – one of my favorite franchises. Naughty Dog does great work. Also didn’t realize you were such an Xbox guy! I must say I am unfamiliar with a lot of these titles.

    Side note, I nominated you for a Mystery Blogger Award! I don’t like self promoting in comments but, that’s how this works, I guess. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks so much fro the nomination and kind words! It’s pretty cool for someone I’m following, whose work I appreciate, to notice mine.

      I just recently posted the Sunshine Blogger Award, so I might wait a week or two on the responses, but I will get around to them for sure!

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