Which Video Game Character Would You Have as a Personal Trainer?

Every month Kim from Later Levels hosts a Question of the Month writing theme, of which the question is decided upon by outside bloggers. This month’s theme is brought to you by Kevin that is the writer of The Mental Attic, an engaging blog that covers everything from video games to fiction writing.

This month Kevin posits the question:

You ate everything during Christmas, so now have to diet and work it all off. Which video game character do you recruit as your personal trainer to get you back into shape?

Well Kevin, there can only be one answer of course: Nathan Drake.


This is a man who can’t be over 190 soaking wet, and yet he has the upper body strength to cling to cliff sides as well as the muscle strength to plummet from a train and catch himself at the last moment without tearing anything. In addition he can leap chasms, run from vehicles, swing, fight, and barrel through danger without slowing.

In order to achieve these feats this man has to not only have an amazing workout, but must also know secrets to not appear bulky while doing so. With that stunning agility and upper body strength this man should be running Ninja Warrior in his off time between plundering ancient artifacts.

One thought on “Which Video Game Character Would You Have as a Personal Trainer?

  1. Nathan Drake is a great option. I’ve never played any games in the uncharted series but from the gameplay that I’ve watched, he can put together a comprehensive, fun and tiring workout that will absolutely get us back into shape. Great answer!

    -Luna 🙂

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