My 10 Favorite Amiibo


I am a 100% certified amiibro.

Looking at my shelves that dot my adult bedroom I’m filled with both pride and shame at the myriad of colorful figures that can be found there. I’ve collected these icons of joy and lined them up in neat rows, appreciating them for the reminders of wonderful experiences that they are.

Out of all the ones that I own I certainly have my favorites of the bunch, whether that is from sheer cool power or because they are as cute as a button.

Without further ado, my ten favorite amiibo.

5723700_sdThe Guardian

Man, this guy is incredible. The Breath of the Wild amiibo in general are more detailed than the standard amiibos and they look absolutely fantastic. The Guardian might be the coolest of that bunch as he is the largest amiibo with a base and is the only amiibo that is posable; all of his legs move independently allowing for epic setup poses.


Daruk is one of my favorite character designs from Breath of the Wild, right behind my boy Kass. Complete aside, I’ve just realized how much I desperately want a Kass amiibo. In the meantime it is easy to enjoy this Goron figure, who feels huge and has a satisfying heft to him.  The figure is extremely colorful with wild white hair and his huge weapon and he just stands out on the shelf.


Final Fantasy is one of my favorite gaming series, so it makes total sense that Cloud would be one of my favorite amiibo. When they first announced he was coming to Smash Brothers my fingers and toes instantly crossed that an amiibo would also be coming and I’m so happy one did.

Yarn Yoshi23939729_Alt02.jpg

I mean, just look at him. Cute doesn’t even start to cover it when it comes to this cross stitched joy to hold. My daughter tried to steal this on a daily basis, until I finally just bought her one of her own.


This amiibo is so amazingly detailed and the shattered tube is a really cool touch. The icing on the cake though is how the Metroid’s head is actually squishy, taking the whole design up a level.

Wedding Bowser 11541080-1074516148933361.jpg

Bowser is my favorite Mario character, so one of his amiibo had to make this list. I really like the heft of the Bowser figures in general, but the Wedding Bowser’s design is jaw droppingly good. There is a nice texture to the clothes and the hat, and he just looks amazing.

41iQA1etwRL._SX385_.jpgOne Eyed Rathalos and Rider (Male)

I imported this amiibo from Japan, because I was just so impressed by it. It looks like an anime come to life, with a really detailed paint job that does a fantastic job of making the colors pop. In addition the boy can be removed from the monster, allowing you swap mounts if you have the additional amiibo.

Samus Aran (from Samus Returns)61VhK21QNRL._SX342_

I was a big fan of the original Smash Brothers amiibo from Metroid, but this one takes the cake. The design looks just like the original concept art from Metroid 2, and the detail on it is really well done. As the amiibo line continues they just keep getting more impressive, and the metallic undertones seal the deal here.

217444_detail.jpgInkling Boy (Splatoon 2 Version)

All of the Splatoon amiibo look great, and they all easily stand out from the others with their borderline neon coloring. The second wave of amiibo absolutely stomp the first in terms of quality though. This amiibo has such a fantastic feeling of movement and attitude that it perfectly conveys what I love about the game.

Archer Link61VWlh8GaDL._SL1200_.jpg

You know I had to pick one of my boy Link, and it is a hard choice, considering that there are tons of Zelda amiibo. My favorite though is Archer Link, mostly due to the fantastic detail of the slightly more expensive figure. The pose is dynamic and cool looking and every square inch of the figure from any angle looks like it was leaping out of that first E3 trailer.


How about you? Any fellow amiibros out there have some favorites? Feel free to share them in the comments below. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have way too many tiny people to go dust.


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