Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’


I’ve seen this featured on a number of sites, so it certainly isn’t a new idea, but I liked it enough to incorporate it here. The weekend is a bastion for most of us of gaming goodness; with most of us working or going to school through the week this is our time to stay up late, or kick back all day, playing whatever tickles our fancy.

Personally I have a few games I’ll be dabbling this weekend, across every big platform I own.

Bayonetta (Switch)


I recently purchased Bayonetta 2 via retail and got the digital version of the original Bayonetta for free. I’m actually working on a review of this as a guest post on another blog, so you will catch my full impressions there; suffice to say I’m really enjoying destroying angels right now. Having this on the Switch is a boon of which I am quite grateful: its mature nature means that I usually couldn’t play while the kids were awake.

However, with the Switch this is fixed as easy as moving to portable mode and popping in some headphones. While my daughter watches the My Little Pony movie for the thousandth time, I can be making huge grotesque angel bosses explode into fountains of blood. Fun for all!

Mass Effect Andromeda (PS4)


This oft maligned game had a fantastic discount on the PSN store over this last weekend, so I couldn’t resist finally picking it up. I’d heard from many of my personal friends that they greatly enjoyed the game, even though it might not have lived up to some of the hype surrounding it. So far I’m inclined to agree, I’m really having fun with it, despite some of the flaws that I’ve found.

I don’t know how much time I’ll devote to this since I have so much to play, but I’m on Eos and about to save the day, so I’m almost guaranteed to at least see how that bit plays out.

Fable Fortune (Xbox One)


I’m a fan of card games in general, and a huge Hearthstone player. So when it was announced that a Fable themed card game in the template of Hearthstone was coming out I was extremely intrigued. As of yesterday, 2/22, the full version was finally released for free across Steam, Windows, and Xbox. Currently through the weekend they are running a number of special events and I intend to indulge in all of them.

Look for a preview or a review of my experiences soon, but so far there is enough of a break from Hearthstone to be intriguing and my love of Fable adds an extra dimension to it. There is a mechanic that changes your hero powers based on whether you choose Good or Evil, so as to really embrace that Fable love, and I’m really enjoying some of the general changes. So far I’ve really only dived into the single player story missions, which seem to be infused with some of the charm and humor the Fable team is known for; which makes sense because many of the staff are made up of former Lionhead developers.

I’m looking forward to diving in competitive and the intriguing co-op modes as well this weekend. If you’re interested you can hit me up via Windows or Xbox. As I understand it there is crossplay between Xbox, Windows, and even Steam, but the friend invite features and your card packs only carry over between the Microsoft platforms. You can find me either way at Mail0rderNinja on Xbox.

Yes, I know that zero is a sweaty mass of lameness, but someone was squatting on the version with an O for a long time and now I just don’t feel like paying for the gamertag!

That leads me to the most important question of this article, to you, dear readers.

Whatcha’ Playin’?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’

  1. Have you played the Bayonetta games before? I’ve already got them both and can’t decide whether or not to get them again for Switch 🤔 I cannot wait for Bayo 3 though! As for me this weekend I think it will just be Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I’ve been playing since December and am about 100 hours in…I just can’t bring myself to go to the end!

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    1. Nope, this is my first time. There isn’t really anything new, beside the clever amiibo stuff in Bayonetta 2, but you can read all of those online. The only way I would buy again is if you just really wanted to have them on your Switch.

      Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a beefy game. I played about 90 hours and finished the campaign and that was enough for me. The RNG of the Blades frustrated me enough I gave up, or I would likely have pushed until I had every single one.

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      1. Definitely not gonig to get every single one, but I’m determined to keep it going a bit longer – I’m a bit of a Xenoblade freak! Hope you enjoy the Bayonetta games. I absolutely love them both.

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  2. Far Cry 4 this weekend, gearing up for 5. Also played a little Metal Gear Survive, might sink some more into that. It’s a very interesting Metal Gear game to say the least. Reminds me somewhat of Dead Rising.

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    1. Oh, you will definitely have to tell me how Far Cry 4 is, I really like the look of the whole cult storyline. I’ve not played any of Far Cry 2, 3, or Primal; probably should get on those at some point.

      Metal Gear Survive is such a contentious game that I think it is never going to get a fair shake. A lot of people are enjoying it though.


  3. Mass Effect picks up significantly once you get off of Eos, so if you’re enjoying it now that’ll only increase exponentially here soon.

    I’m diving into the first-person horror game Hollow and a retro RPG called Dragon Sinker on Switch. Also eyeing up Lone Wolf, which seems like a choose your own adventure book with turn-based tabletop combat.


      1. It’s a fun retro style RPG that is broken up into stages. The game starts with the player fighting the final boss. You then get flashbacks showing the quests the party did to get to that point.

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