Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’


The weekend is a bastion for most of us of gaming goodness; with most of us working or going to school through the week this is our time to stay up late, or kick back all day, playing whatever tickles our fancy.

It’s that time again my wonderful readers!

The weekend beckons and us weekday workers are going to be set free for two whole days. What are you playing this weekend?

Personally, I have a couple of games I have every intention of playing.

Bayonetta 2 (Switch)


I just polished off the original Bayonetta and am moving on to its sequel this weekend. I got to play about an hour last night, and I’m impressed at the way it ratchets up absolutely everything thus far. The graphics get a notable bump from the original and everything feels smoother, so I’m excited to get in there and destroy some huge monsters. The opening prologue was absolutely ridiculous and jaw dropping; which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from this series.

I’m also looking forward to using my substantial amiibo collection to open up some of the costumes, that seem to be more functional in this iteration than the last.

Monster Hunter World (PS4)

I’ve sunk so much time into Monster Hunter World that typically I would be completely done with it. However, the new Horizon Zero Dawn event has happened and you know I have to hit it up to get that sweet Aloy skin. If you are hunter rank 11 you can accept an event quest called The Proving. After completing the hunt for a huge Anjanath you’ll get an item called the Nora Brave Trophy, and you’ll need six of these total to craft the armor and the bow.

It all seems worth it though as the armor is not just a layered skin, but a full fledged armor set with skills that can be upgraded. Let’s face it, we all wanted to run around as our favorite PlayStation heroine anyway, so this is just the cherry on the sundae.

What are you going to be playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’

  1. Bayonetta 2 looks fun. I’ve never played the original but I’ve watched my friend play through the entire game on stream haha. I’m actually looking forward to hopefully playing Kindom Come this weekend. I’ve had a busy few weeks so I haven’t touched a video game in a while which is depressing. Although I have plans to go out tomorrow, I intend to stay up late tonight playing haha.

    -Luna 🙂

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