10 Characters I Want in Super Smash Brothers Switch


The most fun thing about waiting on a new version of Super Smash Brothers is fantasizing of all the possible new fighters that Nintendo could add to the game. Join me, as I share the ten characters I most would like to see join the roster.

With Snake from Metal Gear showing up in Smash Brothers Brawl, and iconic third party characters like Cloud, Pac Man, Bayonetta, and Mega Man appearing in Smash Brothers U, the door is pretty much wide open for possible fighters. This makes speculating on possible additions even more exciting than before, with more possibilities than ever presenting themselves.

Even so, I felt it would be easy to get carried away, so I made a few rules for myself. Firstly, it has to be remotely in the realm of possibility. This means, I’m not going to throw in meme characters, anime characters, or your favorite protagonist from movies (AKA, no Shrek). In addition, I’m not going with any exclusive characters to Microsoft or PlayStation, even though Phil Spencer has stated he is open to the idea, since previously that just hasn’t been how Smash operates.

That means all Nintendo owned characters or franchises are game, and any third party franchise is in bounds. Since Final Fantasy VII never appeared on a Nintendo console before, I’m not even restricted to staying within games that showed up or will show up on the platform.

Without further ado, join me on a fanciful journey into my most wanted Smash characters.


Daho062V4AA5zqCShovel Knight

First Appearance: Shovel Knight (Wii U)

 This one is a no brainer really, and I’m absolutely amazed it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t think I’m alone in that either, as I think that most people thought he was a shoe in when his amiibo showed up. However, I think with three more Shovel Knight amiibo incoming, and with the original and Spectre Knight showing up first on a Nintendo console, it is clear that Nintendo loves them some Shovel Knight.

With Nindies being a stalwart pillar of the Switch’s success, this means that there is more of a chance than ever for this to happen, and we know the developers would be beside themselves if it did. It doesn’t hurt that his move set pretty much writes itself, and I can already see him dispensing justice with his trusty shovel now.



First Appearance: Steamworld Dig (3DS)

We might as well keep riding that indie train that we were on with Shovel Knight, and who better to go to than the protagonist of one of the best games on the Switch last year? It isn’t exactly wishful thinking alone that would make me pine for this mechanical settler, the devs at Image & Form clearly have an overwhelming fondness for Nintendo. Most of their games come first to a Nintendo platform in some way or another, and they’ve stated they would love to have amiibos of some of their biggest characters.

I would have leaned toward Rusty originally, but Dorothy is superior in every aspect, with far cooler gear to choose from. With a grappling hook and a jet pack her moves start to quickly take focus, and I would love to see this character matched up against Nintendo’s finest.


ARMS_Min_Min.pngMin Min

First Appearance: ARMS (Switch)

I don’t think it is a stretch (pun very intended) to think that a character from Nintendo’s other super accessible fighting game would be headed to Switch. In fact, I would say a new fighter from their new IP is all but assured, and while Spring Man or Ribbon Girl might be great poster children, Min Min has one of my favorite designs in the game.

Not only does she look fantastic, but her dragon arm would give her some really interesting choices in battle, and it is always nice when we can add another female to the Smash lineup. Throw in a stage in her Ramen Bowl arena, and you have yourself an absolutely winning new fighter when she “Springs In” this year.



First Appearance: Golden Sun (GBA)

It is borderline criminal that we don’t have a full blown console RPG of Golden Sun yet, one of the franchises I’d like to see come back from the dead more than any other. However, since it isn’t likely we are getting a Nintendo RPG masterpiece from the Golden Sun universe anytime soon, I would settle for an appearance from its original main protagonist.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised this hasn’t already happened as Isaac was a trophy assist summon from Smash Brothers Brawl. They already have a more fully 3D modeled version of him they could move to high definition assets, and his design easily lends itself to Smash. Between the Djinn and his different psynergy moves he could be a powerful mid-ranged fighter that has a fluid style, only resorting to his sword in a pinch.

Come on Nintendo, help a Golden Sun fan out here.


Cmof-simon-belmont.jpgSimon Belmont

First Appearance: Castlevania (NES)

Hey, Konami certainly isn’t doing anything with their whip swinging warrior, so Nintendo might as well. After they swooped in and rescued the Blue Bomber from the borderline abusive neglect at Capcom, I’m confident they could handle this classical character with equal aplomb.

Again, this character pretty much writes his own move set, with various items he could throw impacting the environment differently, and a whip he could utilize when he needs to get up close or for grapples.

I mean, I’m not saying that Mega Man being in Smash is what got him some new games, but it couldn’t have hurt right? Maybe Simon being in Smash would be enough to get us a new Castlevania, and even if it is a long shot, I’ll always hope for more from that franchise.



First Appearance: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)

While I had some mixed feelings about Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I ultimately gave it a good score, and the game sold really well for Nintendo. That makes it a little bit of an obvious choice to welcome Rex to the crew alongside his predecessor, Shulk. Although I would prefer Nia to be the character added from this newest entry in Xenoblade franchise (because she is the best character in the game in this humble writer’s opinion) it would make more sense to have the face on the box duking it out with the crew.

Rex could be a very fun character to play as well, being able to use different blades as special attacks, giving him great versatility. I can almost see the Final Smash now, with Mythra summoning her level 4 attack to smash into the stage, annihilating the competition. Here is hoping we get to see Rex fight against the Nintendo crew, and preferably his reveal trailer has a Nintendo mascot uttering the infamous words: “Think you can take me?”


ViewtifulJoe.pngViewtiful Joe

First Appearance: Viewtiful Joe (Gamecube)

Ok, so this one is a real long shot, but my love for the franchise insists I wish upon a star for it. It isn’t completely out of the realm of capability, the game did premier on the Gamecube as part of the famous Capcom 5, and they’ve shown with Mega Man they aren’t shy to lend their stars to Nintendo.

While Capcom certainly has bigger video game series and likely no plans to revive this franchise, Joe would just fit in beautifully well with the rest of the Nintendo clan. He could slow time to dodge, speed up time to do a flurry of punches, or slow down to make his jump higher. The possibilities are almost as enticing as the titles he starred in, and I would absolutely adore it if this long shot made it into the game.



First Apperance: Super Mario RPG (SNES)

Travel with me, if you will, to my little fantasy land. The setting: E3 of 2018 during the Nintendo E3 Direct Showcase. Somewhere in the middle of the show Chihiro Fujioka, formerly of Square, shows up to announce he is working on a project in conjunction with Nintendo and Square Enix. A trailer rolls of a fantastic new sequel to the original Super Mario RPG, the final screens focusing on fan favorite Geno for a moment longer than they should.

Then it transitions into a Smash Brothers trailer announcing he will also be a fighter in the upcoming Switch fighter. A ear piercing shriek is heard somewhere in the direction of Oklahoma, as I squee so loud it causes a sonic disturbance.

Yeah, I know with Nintendo kind of tossing us the Geno costume to shut us up that this isn’t likely to happen. Still, tell me you didn’t get a chill up your spine just then?



First Appearance: Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of all time, and I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t add this character to my list. Although my favorite character in the game is actually Frog, having the main protagonist of the adventure on the list makes it far more likely.

This isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility, after all Cloud became real, so anything is possible. While it certainly is pie in the sky to hope for, seeing Crono come to life in 3D in Smash Brothers would be an absolute dream come true. His Final Smash, which would undoubtedly involve all the other party members doing some huge attack, would probably make my heart explode.



Earthworm JimEarthworm_jim_by_zeefster-d46dp3z.png

First Appearance: Earthworm Jim (Genesis)

Likelihood? Absolutely zero. However, it is an utter travesty that Earthworm Jim is left to languish in the 90s. I always thought Earthworm Jim was a funny and cool concept, and still do to this day. Look no forward than my well-worn action figure of our worm friend, adorned in his space suit, blaster in hand. Just like his spring action launching mechanism would fire his head into battle, I want Nintendo to fire Earthworm Jim back into the present day.

Using his head like a helicopter to fly upwards, firing with his blaster, unleashing Peter Puppy upon unsuspecting Smash veterans for his Final Smash. I can see it all in my head crystal clear and, trust me people, it is really awesome. Please Nintendo, just backup a truck full of money, and straight up save Earthworm Jim from Interplay.


What characters do you want to see in the new Smash? Let me know in the comments below, and keep it tuned to Home Button for all of your Smash Brothers needs.

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