Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’


The weekend is a bastion of gaming goodness. For most of us working or going to school through the week this is our time to stay up late, or kick back all day, playing whatever tickles our fancy.

That is right dear readers, time to kick off our shoes, break out the chosen snack food, fill your favorite glass with your favorite beverage, and game until you drop.

For me this weekend will be filled with piratical adventures, wrapping up my journey through Norse mythology, and experiencing a echo of Link to the Past.


God of War


Though I’ve rolled credits on one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played, I’m still not done. Rare indeed is it for me to continue playing a game once I’ve seen most everything there is to see, but I refuse to stop until I’ve milked every last drop from this game and hold aloft the platinum trophy. Look forward to my final review next week, but if you were for some reason waiting on just my word alone before playing, and haven’t guessed how I feel from the introductory sentence, it is kind of OK.


Sea of Thieves


Yes, I know, you are probably tired of seeing this game pop up in my weekend plans, but I’m certainly not tired of playing it. Though I’ve accrued the outfit I want, and the Pirate Legend journey has slowed to a crawl, I still just love playing this game with my brothers and friends. It is something I feel I’ll be playing a long time to come, and considering some people feel the game has already been abandoned I figured I had to represent here.


Blossom Tales


I finally got around to this game on the eShop, using my 600 gold coins to get a sweet $6 discount on the final experience. Considering many people are comparing the game to Link to the Past–an inspiration the game wears clearly on its sleeve–so far I’ve been impressed by what I’ve played. I also feel that the game sets itself apart in small ways that make this more than just a blatant rip-off.

I’ve been playing all week, taking off bite sized chunks at work and on the go, so I’m excited to likely finish it off this weekend. You’ll likely see this review next week, alongside God of War.

So what are you planning to play this weekend? Please let me know in the comments below, because without you this is just me rambling about things I’m going to play.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’

  1. I want to be into Sea of Thieves but would rather play with people I know and of them no one seems to have it. I might try again on my own this weekend depending on what else I have to get up to and what games take my fancy over the weekend.

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