E3 2018 Predictions for All Major Conferences


It is that time of the year again for E3, a gamer’s Christmas in June, and it is just around the corner. Before too long we will be inundated with news of games we can’t wait to play, but have to anyway because they won’t be coming out for years. I’m going to share with you my predictions and wildest hopes for all of the big press conferences this year.

These predictions will either be woefully wrong, or will get something wrong that leaks a day from when I post them. Either way, we can all laugh about it in a couple of weeks. Of course, there is a slim chance I’ll be able to say I told you so, and then I will proclaim myself an industry seer.

Until then, below are my predictions for E3 2018.




Anthem: It’s all about Anthem baby! We are going to open the show with it, it is going to be all gameplay, and we’ll get a release date for it: likely Spring 2019. A lot of this is informed by the troubles swirling around the game, and the rumor that EA wants it out the door by early next year at the latest.

Sportsball: We will get to watch 30 minutes of boring sports stuff during which I’ll fall asleep or stop paying attention.

Battlefield V: Either they’ll have someone on stage playing a match of Battlefield V in a group, complete with terrible mic speak OR they’ll have a stream after the conference that everyone can watch.

Star Wars: We will see a teaser trailer of some Star Wars game, as they would be silly not to show something with the license. It is super early in development, so nothing more than a teaser. Maybe of the rumored third person open world game? Or perhaps whatever Respawn is working on?

Loot Boxes: They will go out of their way to mention that any microstransactions or loot boxes in Anthem or Battlefield won’t affect gameplay, due to that big internet spanking over Battlefront 2.




Halo 6: It is way past time that we hear something about the new Halo game, so maybe we see a cinematic trailer showing the story direction of the game. Either way, that rumored Halo Battle Royale mode is completely real and the star of their show.

Forza Horizon 4: We know a new Forza Horizon is coming, and we know it is probably based in Japan. This is likely a lock for the show, probably with a car present on stage.

Gears 5: Enough time has passed that I think we will see a new story trailer for Gears 5, and rumors would suggest this is the case.

New IP: Xbox needs new exclusive IPs, and Phil Spencer has stated that he is very aware of that fact. I would imagine they have some new IP announced this year, they almost have to.

Call of Duty: Xbox needs to come out swinging, and I think they are going to do everything they can to get Call of Duty back on their stage.

Crackdown 3: We see some more of Crackdown 3, maybe its multiplayer mode, and we will get a release date. It’ll fail to light the internet on fire, but will look fun.

Splinter Cell: All signs are pointing to Splinter Cell finally making a comeback, and what better place than the stage for the console it debuted on? We will just get a trailer, with the game being played on Ubisoft’s stage. I don’t think it’ll be an exclusive, but Microsoft will do what it can to make people think Xbox when they think Splinter Cell. The return of Spies vs Mercs would be a solid bet as well.

Lost Odyssey 2: This one is pure wishful thinking on my part, but Phil Spencer said he wanted a JRPG on his stage during E3. I don’t REALLY think that this will be what it is, probably will be a trailer from a third party game, but maybe by putting this out in the world it’ll be real. MAN I want it to be real.

Montage Trailers: Montage trailers for indie games, third party games, and something showing Xbox is the “best place to play”, while they really lean into the power of the Xbox One X.

Fable 4: There was a rumor that this franchise was coming back, and while I don’t think we will be seeing it anytime soon, there isn’t many other franchises Xbox could trot out that would generate more excitement then a true Fable game. It’ll just be a teaser trailer if so, we won’t be seeing this for a while.

Perfect Dark: Rumors stated that Coalition is working on a Perfect Dark game, and I could easily see a moody teaser trailer for this game that is in development. We won’t see it until 2019 at the earliest, but like Fable 4 it gives everyone something to be excited about.

Sea of Thieves: We will be seeing something from the new expansions coming, as well as further hints about things to come. Expect to see far more story content, as fans are clamoring for it.




Fallout: I literally had written a new Fallout game would be coming, and the next day it was announced. We will see gameplay and get a release date for this year, because at this point it is nearly expected of them.

Rage 2: Rage 2 has been officially announced now, but we will see more of it on stage, as it was likely supposed to be in the conference before it was leaked.

Elder Scrolls Online: This game is still going strong, and I could see them announcing a new expansion focused on a popular area like they did with Morrowind.

Quake Champions: We will likely see more about this game, probably gameplay trailer at this point, or maybe someone playing on stage.

A New AAA Game: Whether it is a new IP, or a huge addition to an existing franchise, we will see a brand new AAA game we’ve never seen before on stage.

Mobile Game: We will get a mobile game that ties in to one of their existing franchises, maybe Elder Scrolls, and it is out now.


Square Enix


Kingdom Hearts III: This is either going to open or close the show, gameplay trailer with a new world, release date for sure. Outrageous amount of applause.

Just Cause 4: This was shown during the Wal-Mart leak, and it makes all the sense in the world. We will see an initial trailer with gameplay, as this is further along than we might think. If there was a Square Enix chance for a Battle Royale, my bets would be on this game.

Final Fantasy XV DLC: The game that will never stop coming out gets new DLC already announced shown off.

Final Fantasy VII: Another teaser trailer for FF7 with just a year at the end of 2019 for Episode One.

Left Alive 2: We finally see more of this mysterious game, it is due out on 2018 after all, so we will likely get a gameplay trailer.

Tomb Raider: We will undoubtedly see a lot more of this game, likely somebody on stage playing through a vertical slice.

Avengers Project: There will be a trailer stressing that it isn’t final gameplay, and it won’t be gameplay, but it’ll at least give us an idea of what this thing is. Not coming out anytime soon, likely won’t even get a year on it.

Dragon Quest XI: This is one of the biggest games Square Enix has coming, and I would be very surprised if we didn’t see a new trailer or information about it. Don’t expect them to spend too much time on this.




New Assassin’s Creed: A new AC will be shown, though it won’t be coming in 2018, as Ubisoft learned their lesson with the critically acclaimed Assassin’s Creed Origin about yearly releases. Hopefully I finally get the feudal Japan game I’ve been waiting on.

Just Dance: The safest bet of any bet ever, Just Dance will be on stage and have some wacky dance number or big upcoming music person attached.

Splinter Cell: We are going to get a deeper dive into the Splinter Cell game that was announced on Microsoft’s stage. I’m hoping for someone on stage actually playing a vertical slice, as the MS one was just a trailer.

Division 2: This one is all but confirmed, and we will likely see it this year at E3. I’d imagine this is going to be their big release this holiday season, and we will see a trailer showing off some new gameplay additions.

Beyond Good & Evil 2: It maybe too much to hope for, but I’m thinking we will see a trailer for this game that isn’t in game, but gives us a better idea what gameplay might be like. It will have a 2019 year release date on it.

Skull & Bones: This one was recently delayed, but we will see a drilldown on the actual gameplay of what we can expect to see. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if, after the reaction, we see some third person element added.

DLC for Current Games: Ubisoft is all about the games as a service right now, so I expect we will see new things for the games For Honor, Ghost Recon, and if the new AC isn’t coming out this year, a new big expansion for AC Origins.

New AAA IP: I couldn’t possibly guess what this could be, because you just never know with Ubisoft, but the rumor is that we will be seeing a big new IP from them this year. This will be a high level teaser trailer, with no release date or real gameplay information.


Sony Preshow & Conference


Dreams: We will get an update on Dreams during the preshow and probably a release date for the Beta, maybe even an out now announcement.

MediEvil: We saw that this was coming back during PSX, and I can imagine seeing a full trailer with a release date during the preshow.

Tenchu: From Software and PlayStation are really tight, and we had that big tease back during the Game Awards in 2017. I’m hoping against hope that we see a new Tenchu game, and though it’ll be coming to all consoles, it’ll have some PlayStation exclusive content.

Death Stranding: The crowd will see another new Death Stranding cinematic trailer, maybe even get to see gameplay, and we all will still have no idea what this game is about.

Last of Us Part 2: We will see a gameplay trailer with far more context than the cinematic trailer, but we won’t see a release date. Sony has been holding those close to their chests all the way until time.

Spider Man: We already know Spider Man will be one of the four featured games, and though I’ve seen everything I need to, the logical next step is someone actually playing the game on stage.

Ghosts of Tsushima: I’m beyond excited for this game, and I can see us getting an in-depth gameplay trailer or maybe even someone playing this on stage. I think it would slide nicely into their early 2019 spot, and I they’ve been working on it long enough I could see it happening.

No New AAA Exclusive IPs: For the first year in a while I don’t think we will get any new exclusive announcements. I think that this year is going to be far more laid back than previous E3 conferences, and especially with them announcing ahead of time they are focusing on four games, I don’t think we are going to see back to back jaw droppers. They’ve over extended themselves announcing games too far out, and I don’t think they’ll do it again this year. Besides, they already have a very solid lineup, regardless.




No Pokemon At All: Nintendo wanted to avoid the potential disappointment by the casual nature of their new Let’s Go Pokemon games, and because they got it out of the way early we won’t be seeing Pokemon at all at E3.

Metroid Prime 4: We will see a teaser trailer of this game, and maybe a year release date of 2019.

Metroid Prime Trilogy: In order to ease the wait for Metroid Prime 4 to next year, Trilogy will be getting a re-release on Switch.

Yoshi: We will get an actual name and release date for Yoshi as well as a trailer detailing the new gimmicks of the game.

Super Smash Brothers Switch: The blowout we’ve all been waiting for will be that the game is a new game, but based on the previous iteration, and all fighters are returning. This way it is a port, but they don’t have to call it as such. I completely flip out at the new Subspace Emissary mode. Ok, that last part was sheer wishful thinking. There is at least one new character announcement trailer, and it is tied to an announcement of another game.

Star Fox Grand Prix: This one has been leaked so hard, there is no chance it isn’t true at this point. We will get our big blowout trailer for this, and since Retro has been quiet so long, we get a release date for this year.

2D Zelda: This is another case of me attempting to will something into existence. We know we won’t be getting anymore Breath of the Wild, and it is way too early to hear about the next Zelda, so maybe we can get a 2D iteration.

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion: They show a new trailer, a few more details, and announce it is out now.

Animal Crossing Switch: The new mobile game caught on for a short period of time, and it made it clear everyone is ready for a new Animal Crossing. Expect to see a new Animal Crossing announcement with compatibility with the mobile game, which will force me to start playing that chore fest again.

Diablo 3: Though Blizzard said their tweet teasing Diablo 3 and a switch of some kind was just a fun bit of media, I just don’t believe it. This game would be absolutely perfect on this console, with the ability to grind on the go, and there is no doubt that the Switch could run it. I think we will see our first Blizzard game on Switch.

6 thoughts on “E3 2018 Predictions for All Major Conferences

  1. These are really good predictions and I hope that most of the games that I am looking for will be talked about. The Microsoft team and Xbox is where I’m getting excited. A New Gears, Halo, Fable and them having COD back seems like a great idea. COD has been going downhill since it was gifted to PlayStation and I want the franchise to get back to the glory days. A Yoshi game would be awesome for the Switch! I need to get one sometime soon. I’m also interested in Crackdown 3! The first 2 were really fun so let’s see if the trilogy can be successful. Thanks for the update and your opinions!

    -Luna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it would be kind of a trifecta conference if all of those big ones came down the pike at the same time, but I think Xbox desperately needs to show some exclusives. This is their year to come out swinging, and I think they will.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Right, though it doesn’t have as much attention as it once did, companies love using old IP rather than new ones. If they turned it into a third person modern action spy game, it could be something exciting.

      Liked by 1 person

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