Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’


The weekend is a bastion of gaming goodness. For most of us working or going to school through the week this is our time to stay up late, or kick back all day, playing whatever tickles our fancy.

Well that was sure a long and eventful E3 week!

Now that all the excitement has died down, the booths are being packed away, and Game of the Show is being picked, it is time to return to the games we already own and the surprising shadow drops over the weekend.

Personally it is going to be heavily in favor of the Switch for me, as a flurry of games I’ve wanted to play have all dropped at once. This weekend I’ll be splatting Octolings, beginning an epic journey, and getting right on that bandwagon.




In what was possibly the worst kept secret in E3 history, Fortnite was announced for and released on Nintendo Switch on Tuesday. I’ve not touched this extraordinarily popular game previously, not exactly out of lack of interest, but I just had so many other things to play. However, my son has been a huge fan from day one, and plays whenever he gets a chance to.

Though the Switch version is clearly the inferior version the ability to crossplay with Xbox has provided me a unique chance to be able to play online with my son, for the first time ever. Getting this set up was an utter disaster, one in which I found out that Epic Games has the worst customer support that I’ve ever seen from any company. The epic disaster that unfolded may be a tale for another time perhaps, but now that it is setup we plan on taking it for a test run tonight.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get my first victory? I’m very good at hiding.


Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion


I paid for this expansion months ago, mostly because I’m a huge Splatoon fan and have utter faith in Nintendo when it comes to the franchise. Originally I’d predicted them to drop it during E3, but after the Direct it seemed that I was indeed wrong.

However, later that day the Big N announced that they were going to be releasing it that day. I was thrilled, and promptly downloaded it as soon as available. So far I’m extremely impressed, and the challenges are–well–challenging. I’m no Splatoon rookie, and I’ve already found myself pressed by a few of these challenges. I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


Octopath Traveler Prologue Demo


In a flurry of exciting releases, the Octopath Traveler demo released yesterday as well. If there is one game I’ve been absolutely dying to get my hands on this year, it was God of War. If there were two games I’ve been dying to get my hands on, it would be God of War and Spider Man. However, if you slap in a third game, then it is most certainly Octopath Traveler.

While I still have to wait till September to play Spider Man, I get to play Octopath Traveler in a mere month, and I get to play this demo as a head start. In prologue you can choose to play the opening of any character, and all of your progress transfers over to the main game upon purchase. I’ll probably be starting with Olberic, the warrior first. Boring maybe, but I’m a sucker for a sword wielder.  What character will you be starting if you decide to dive in this weekend?


Well there you have it, my gaming plans for this weekend. How about you? Do you plan on beginning your epic journey with the Octopath Traveler demo, and who will you start out as? Is splatting on your itinerary also, or will you be visiting other digital destinations?

Let me know in the comments below, and have a great weekend!

15 thoughts on “Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’

  1. I’ll probably also play a bit of Fortnite with my son on Switch/Xbox. And I really should download the Octopath demo but I’ll mostly be spending the weekend wrapping up Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and diving more in to the Sega Genesis Classics collection to chase achievements.

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    1. I’ve heard very good things about Bloodstained so far, I need to get around to it sooner rather than later.

      Sega Genesis Collections looks like fantastic fun also. How are the achievements? Fairly obtainable?

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      1. It’s a weird mix of very easy (use magic in Golden Axe without any enemies on screen or get 500 rings across Sonic titles ) and ridiculously time consuming (win 50 rounds of rock paper scissors in Alex Kidd or collect 200 magic across Golden Axe titles). Most of them do seem fairly doable though.

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      1. I still have it on disc but I’m playing t through the GwG version. It’s a hell of a fun game but the slow pace moments mean it takes longer than it should. Plus there’s some horrible screen tearing in he cutscenes.

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  2. I’m going back into Assassin’s Creed Origins. I stopped playing that because I was playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and it at the same time and it was a bit too much. Now with Odyssey being announced I really should finish it (I really didn’t get far before). Hoping to get a good amount of time to play it this weekend.

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  3. I really want to play that Octopath demo, but I’m pretty awful at retaining information. I’ll probably hold off until a few days before the game’s release instead.

    I picked up a 6 month subscription to Game Pass for $25 and just finished up Gears 4. It’s pretty repetitive, but I still had a decent enough time. It’s also quite the looker. That ending… I wish I would have seen it before it was spoiled in the Gears 5 trailer.

    Not sure what to get into next. I’m midway through Prey, so maybe I’ll just stick with that for now.

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    1. Game Pass is such a fantastic value. Gears 4 did get pretty repetitive, I think any third person shooter can struggle with that, but the moment to moment gameplay is fantastic. If you’ve never played the Remastered Gears of War it is on there as well, and they did a spectacular job with it.


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