“An Interview with a Hyperactive Coffee Mage”


I work frequently with Well Red Mage, and I’ve conducted a few interviews over there. The second was with the king of beans, Ryan from Games With Coffee.

In our thrilling chat we discuss what lessons life has taught him, what makes games unique, and of course what roast our extremely caffeinated friend prefers.

You can get a taster below, but for the full interview head to Well Red Mage here.


ninjamage.pngNinja: That is such a fantastic answer that I find myself inspired by it. As a gamer my whole life, I know that games have inspired me, taught me things, brought me closer to people, and provided me with great joy. Many people might say that video games are the frivolous past time of children, though you and I know different. What about games would you say allows them to provide these sorts of experiences?

coffeemageCoffee: I’d say it’s the ability to become intimately familiar with the characters and their story as you continue to play. Mind you, the same can be done through books, movies and TV, but really, what other medium allows a person to physically have an effect on their characters growth as they play? Take for instance God of War (which you and I have discussed intently) and Kratos’ transformation from the embodiment of rage to a hardened, guarded individual who cares about his wife and son despite the dark secrets of his bloody past, to a father opening up to his son about said past and the mistakes he’s made, culminating in a plea for him to be better than he ever was. We’re not only visually seeing this, but we’re experiencing it with every Draugr we hack or every puzzle we solve. We have a hand in Kratos’ growth as we progress with the story and we grow close to these characters as a result. Another fantastic example is Final Fantasy X and Tidus’ story. Through the random battles, story events and sphere grid allocations, we see Tidus grow from a whiny brat to someone who seems to accept their place in life and helps to bring a better future, even if he ends up not part of it (until X-2 that is…).

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