A Smashing Inktober – Days 1-5


I’ve watched all my artistic friends over the last few days express themselves in magical ways through their wonderful art. So, I thought to myself–Self, why let our complete and utter lack of talent hold us back?

The following atrocities committed against art itself were the result of that. I’m so hyped for Smash Brothers Ultimate that I’m going to absolutely butcher my favorite gaming characters over the next 26 days.

I’m so sorry in advance.


Snake apparently got a little chubby missing out on Smash.
I’d like to apologize to boobs everywhere, of all shapes and sizes. I’m sorry for drawing you so bad.
Bowser is one of my favorite Mario franchise characters. What I’ve done to him here is unforgivable.


Yes, those are discarded books. Yes, Robin clearly has severe issues. No, these won’t get any better.


Day 50005
Yes, the whip is a little short, but clearly he must have taken a lot of damage. That is my excuse for his hand also, the severe damage.


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