Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’


It is time once again to ask the most important question to gamers when it comes to their hobby this weekend: Whatcha’ Playin’?

I missed posting this last week, and I’m sorry to disappoint the sites biggest fans (all two of you, Hi Mom!). My family and I have been going through the process of closing on a house in the middle of the big holiday season, a feat I’m regretting more by the day, but is also terribly exciting.

This weekend will be all about packing, but in between that? Sweet, sweet gaming.


Super Mario Odyssey


This might be a surprise entry for some, but Nintendo recently dropped a couple of new outfits for the game, and I must own them. Sure, the 8-Bit costume is neat, but I NEED that Santa costume for Mario.

It may be 8,000 coins I’m going to have to grind out, but I assure you my friends that there will be some choice Photo Modes presented because of it.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

maxresdefault (1).jpg

I’ve had a very hard time getting into the glacial pace of RDR2, but I’m stoked to get online with friends and family and ride the open plains together. I dipped my toe in this pool last night, creating my monstrosity of a character with teeth that would make any dentist salivate at the financial possibilities.

I originally wasn’t aware that the online mode apparently has an entirely separate campaign to pursue, albeit one that doesn’t seem to be as engaging narrative. Still, if it gives me excuses to go tame the Wild West with a handful of my closest buds, I’m all in.


Darksiders 3


Darksiders is one of my favorite franchises out there, warts and all. I love the over the top character designs, the story, and the mashing together of mechanics that defines the series.

When Darksiders 3 was announced, y’all, I lost my mind. I thought the franchise truly dead, so to see it come back in this fashion is beyond exciting. I’ve put probably 5 hours into the game now and I’m utterly enthralled what I’ve been playing, despite a few aged technical and game design decisions that have popped up. Look forward to my full review in the coming weeks.


So that is it for me–cowboys, horsemen (horselady?), and Mario. I can’t think of a cooler way to spend the gaming portion of my weekend. How about you? Got any new juicy games or old faves you are diving into this weekend? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’

  1. I’m a bit of a broken record at this point, but I want to play more Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I’m 70 hours in, so I’d like to do one more push through some side quests to get my level up higher, and then polish off the main stories.

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    1. I can see why, I haven’t put near the time you have into the world, but it is an amazing game and my favorite AC yet.

      Just about the time you do get done, next week the newest DLC is coming out, and it looks like a hot one.

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  2. I’m thoroughly enjoying the awesomeness that is Celeste! I get why there’s so much buzz for this game; it’s phenomenal.

    Otherwise, I’m tackling Final Fantasy Tactics and Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance.


  3. I was going to pick up Darksiders 3, being a big fan of the franchise too, but I heard it was a bit wonky. I might pick it up sometime in the future.

    I’m playing Diablo 3 on Switch because it’s such a great system for it. I might try The Room Two or Gardens Between on Sunday if I find time.


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