Snap Judgment: Darksiders 3


Welcome to Snap Judgment, a new feature to Home Button where I play a game for a few hours, and give you a quick impression of what I think thus far. Today I’ll tell you how I feel about the follow up to one of my favorite gaming series from last generation–Darksiders 3.

I’m a really big Darksiders fan.

When I say that I mean I have more than one art book for the games, statues of the two main characters, and have played through each game numerous times. I was pretty upset when THQ went under and took Darksiders with it, and just as enthused when I found out that the newly minted THQ Nordic rescued it and was bringing a new game in the series.

That game is finally here, and I’m ready to pass Snap Judgment on it. Look forward to my full review later this month, but let me tell you how I feel about it right now.



  • Game: Darksiders 3
  • Playing On: Xbox One S
  • Length Played: 5 hours
  • Snap Judgement: If you loved the over the top corny side of Darksiders, and are up for the challenge of a Souls like, you will love this game.


Darksiders 3 is more Darksiders, so take that as you will. These games have never been huge AAA behemoths, and have always been happy to borrow the best gaming has to offer and wrap it up in a nice little AA bow. That is exactly what you’ll get with Darksiders 3.

The game takes place at the same time as events from Darksiders 1, while War is still imprisoned for starting the apocalypse early. Fury, our female horseman (horselady?), is sent out to bring back the escaped seven deadly sins–super powerful demons embodying their particular sin.

Ditching most of the Zelda mechanics of the first, and the Diablo-esque loot of the second, the third Darksiders copies elements from the ever popular Dark Souls. The game can be very hard, with even standard enemies able to ruin your day, and if you die all of the souls you’ve gathered (that can be used for leveling up) must be retrieved from where you have fallen.

It is a little more forgiving than Dark Souls, but you get the drift. Overall the combat works well, and the light exploration and puzzles recall a Metroidvania experience, sans any sort of mini-map.

There are some small graphical issues like pop-in that rear their ugly heads from time to time, and some hard to grab platforms that mechanically should have worked, but overall these issues don’t detract from the game that much for what I’ve played thus far.

If you liked the Darksiders series to this point and don’t mind a little Souls-like action, then you’ll be pleased as punch with this new sequel. If you are looking for a super well produced AAA title with a rip-roaring story line and perfect graphics, you might take a look elsewhere.


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