A Minit Review in a Minute (Switch)


For my Minit review I thought I would do something a little different, so I present to you Minit in a Minute.

The rules of this particular endeavor? I’ll forgo my At a Glance in this review since it will be much shorter than a typical review. On my side I will time myself for one minute exactly, and no typing will be allowed outside of that. I can delete everything I’ve written and start over with a new minute, but I can’t retain anything from the last run other than what I retain in my head.

I type around 90 words a minute on average, but I stretched my skills to the limit on this one. It took me 13 tries to get out something I was happy with in less than one minute, and I broke my record word per minute wise.

If you want to read a longer breakdown of what makes Minit special I suggest my fellow Mage’s breakdown here.

Let’s do this!


Minit is a game in which death is inevitable, in fact it is guaranteed in one minute. You’ll retain any larger progress like items gained or quests completed in between each death, but you will only have 60 seconds to make it to your next goal. The graphics are incredibly simplistic, which adds to the charm of the game, and the game plays like a extremely parred down Zelda—distilled to its purest essence. The game is short but sweet, and it manages to remove all of the barriers that exist for this sort of game and enrapture the player in minute increments, something that shouldn’t be possible.

Minit is clever, remarkably fresh, and one of the best games I played last year.


Final Score- 9 out of 10

5 thoughts on “A Minit Review in a Minute (Switch)

    1. Thanks! I don’t know if I enjoyed it, but typing some version of that over and over again ended up with me being able to break 122 words per minute. I did go back and clean up a few swapped letters and space errors, but overall it was the real deal.

      I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to narrow down the word count and come up with something I was ok with on the fly like that. The hardest thing was typing a sentence I liked, but then deleting it and when I typed it again it wasn’t quite the same.

      Never again!

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