Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’


It is time once again to ask the most important question to gamers when it comes to their hobby this weekend: Whatcha’ Playin’?

Here we are, once again on the threshold of a couple of days to game until our hearts content. So the question as always is, whatcha’ playin’?

I have a simple weekend planned, with all of my focus falling on one game for a change.




The unpopular opinion in games media right now seems to be that Anthem is a good game, and the average review scores are falling somewhere in the mid 6 to low 7 range. Personally I find the game to be far better than that, but I haven’t dealt with the myriad of issues PC players seem to be battling. To be fair the only people that can have real reviews at this point are PC players, as you can only play 10 hours on the Xbox EA Access and PS4 players haven’t even gotten their hands on it yet. I also feel there is a fair bit of EA bias going into the scoring, and you can read about my views on that here.

The way EA handled the roll out was really dumb, and it has muddied the waters a bit, but the game is legitimately fun to play and I honestly don’t get the complaints about the story at all (though I’m only 6 hours in currently, so maybe it tanks somewhere soon). Let me know if you feel like joining my squad of Javelins on Xbox One and add me as Mail0rderNinja.

I’ll see you beyond the wall Freelancer.


Well that is my weekend sorted. How about yours?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Whatcha’ Playin’

  1. I’ve been playing Grim Dawn. It’s darker than I usually play, but I’m in the mood for a good action RPG. I’m enjoying that it doesn’t have the “you’re the Chosen One!” trope in it (as far as I can see with 10 hours into the game) and I really like that you can have two classes.

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  2. I’m starting to work through my backlog, since I don’t have a cent of spare income at the moment. It’s okay – good opportunity to play the games I’ve neglected. Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker is really good so far.

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