Weekend Whatcha Playin’


It is time once again to ask the most important question to gamers when it comes to their hobby this weekend: Whatcha’ Playin’?

Well my fellow gamers, it is that magical time of year. Christmas in June for Gamers. That is right, E3 2019 is just around the corner which means the hype train has left the station and I am all aboard.

Alas, it will still be a while before all of the shiny new games start hitting store shelves, so in the meantime what are you playing this weekend? I’ve fell in love with an old friend all over again, and am literally sitting here obsessed with it just waiting for work to be over so I can go home and play.

What is it? One hint: Eyes Up Guardian.


Destiny 2


The recent excitement around Destiny, partnered with a heck of a digital deal on Xbox’s store, has lead me to buy this title’s full collection for my Xbox One. I have a deep and abiding love for Destiny, and though I don’t get to play near as much as I’d like, I’ve still put a decent amount of time into the world.

I picked up Destiny 2 on day one of launch on PS4 and promptly beat the really awesome campaign of the game, cracked out a ton of dailies, grinded for a bit, and then moved on to other games. I never made it back for all of the subsequent add ons, including the major Forsaken update, and so I thought it was high time to jump back in. All of my friends that play Destiny reside on the Xbox ecosystem, which is where I started my original Destiny journey all those years ago, so that is why I pulled the trigger on that version.

Playing through the opening hours of Destiny 2 I’m impressed all over again with the game. There really is nothing in first person shooters, in my opinion, that comes close to how fantastically satisfying Destiny’s shooting feels. It is the little touches that they add that makes all the difference, like the explosion of light when you off a Fallen enemy with a headshot, or the way that you feel the impact of every super.

I’ll be playing as much as I can while the kids are in bed this weekend, so feel free to add me to play, or come sherpa me through some content if you want. (Mail0rderNinja)


So what are you playing this weekend? Are you running with your own Guardian or just inhaling that E3 hype deep? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Whatcha Playin’

  1. Mass Effect on Insanity is where it’s at! I’m so scared! I’ll also probably play Titan Quest and Breath of the Wild when I’m watching E3 conferences because I don’t have to focus so much.

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