Home Button is a site devoted to video game reviews, opinion pieces, thoughtful articles about the industry, and most importantly friendly discussion about our favorite hobby. We hope to be a place with a multitude of voices represented that provide their unique viewpoints and thoughts on some of our favorite (and not so favorite) video games.


Our reviews all work under a typical 10 point scale and will have something called At a Glance with the score and a short review summary at the top for those who don’t have time to read the full review.

As anything else on our site, please reach out with questions or concerns about the review process or changes you’d like to see implemented. A quick breakdown of scores for your reference is below:

  • 1-3: This game is a broken mess. Stay away!
  • 4-5: This game has some very serious issues, but is at least playable and may be enjoyed by the right person.
  • 6-7: This game has some flaws, but is still a overall solid title.
  • 8-9: This game is something you really should consider making time for, regardless of genre.
  • 10: This game may not be perfect, but we consider it a masterpiece and a must play.


You can find all of our 10/10 winners on our site page Hall of Game.