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Photo Mode – Attention Seeking Koopa King

We all know those people who can’t live without the constant attention, and it makes total sense that Bowser would be someone that would hog the limelight in a Photo Shoot. My poor daughter was playing Princess Peach, and thanks to King Koopa you can barely see her.

2018101311571300-099ECEEF904DB62AEE3A76A3137C241B - Copy

  • Title: Attention Seeking King Koopa
  • Game: Super Mario Party
  • Captured On: Nintendo Switch (Docked)

Pokemon Let’s Go’s Pokeball Controller – An Exercise in Corporate Greed


Nintendo’s decision to tie a major character exclusively to a $50 dollar Pokeball controller for Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee’s is pure and blatant greed. Worse yet the silence around the decision in general media is deafening considering we regularly see companies taken to task for these sort of anti-consumer decisions. Let’s Go discuss, shall we? Continue reading