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Photo Mode: Promises Never Fulfilled

This scene takes place in Darksiders 3 and for big fans like myself it was pure nirvana…for a few seconds. Considering how poorly the newest sequel seems to have done the likelihood of us ever actually seeing this–let alone getting the game teased at the end of the original Darksiders–is almost zero.


  • Title: Promises Never Fulfilled
  • Game: Darksiders 3
  • Captured On: Xbox One S

Snap Judgment: Darksiders 3


Welcome to Snap Judgment, a new feature to Home Button where I play a game for a few hours, and give you a quick impression of what I think thus far. Today I’ll tell you how I feel about the follow up to one of my favorite gaming series from last generation–Darksiders 3. Continue reading


My 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2018

The year of 2017 was an absolutely fantastic year for gaming; many would argue one of the best we’ve ever seen. So many amazing games were released that critics had a hard time coming up with a Game of the Year and it is hard to imagine that 2018 could come close to what we experienced last year. Looking just at the games we already know about though, I think 2017 might have some serious competition, and that isn’t even counting any surprises along the way. Obviously this list is entirely subjective and could leave off your favorite games, but here are the 10 games I’m currently looking most forward to for 2018.

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