Photo Mode

Photo Mode: All Out of 1-Ups

Even though talk of a zombie skin for Mario Odyssey leaked ahead of time, I still had a hard time believing it when it turned out to be official. It also meant I was required to pony up the 8,000 coins it costed and to take a few photos. Of course this lead me to getting sucked back into Super Mario Odyssey all over again.

Dang you Nintendo, your clever marketing worked!



  • Title: All Out of 1-Ups
  • Game: Super Mario Odyssey
  • Captured On: Nintendo Switch (Docked)
Photo Mode

Photo Mode: Don’t You Have A Princess To Save?

I love a good Photo Mode in a game and I adore making my own screenshots. When it will let me I’ll even try to get a little artsy with it, so I’ve decided to share those here.

Special Note: I know the grass texture is awful, and looks like bad Easter grass. I still wanted to include it because the sleeping dog with the Cowboy hat was just too much.

Title: Don’t You Have A Princess To Save?

Game: Super Mario Odyssey

Captured On: Nintendo Switch (docked)